Edition spéciale de Un mot une image aujourd’hui avec Camille Lepage.

La photojournaliste française a été tuée alors qu’elle était en reportage en République centrafricaine. Son corps a été retrouvé le 13 mai par les forces Sangaris.

Pas de mots pour accompagner les photos de la journaliste. C’est à la force de ses photos et aux commentaires de leur auteur que l’on laissera aujourd’hui la parole. Au delà de la beauté artistique, ses photos étaient un témoignage des exactions en Centrafrique, des « populations dont on ne parlait pas et qui étaient en danger » selon sa mère sur RTL.

Sur place bien avant l’intervention française et internationale, Camille Lepage collaborait avec des grands titres de presse (Le Monde, Libération). Elle s’était installée il y a deux ans au Soudan du Sud.



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November 17th 2013, Following the killings of magistrate Bria and a soldier on Saturday 17th 2013, the younth took the streets in the area of Benzeville in Bangui. 
The police and gendarmerie decide to leave the are where the protest is taking place as rumors say that the Seleka is on its way. 
Shortly after the Seleka, arrived and killed two and wounded one civilians

Crédits photos – © CamilleLepage

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October 6th 2013, during the football finale of the « match de la paix » (game for peace), the team « arc en ciel » plays against the « Fauves de demain ».

Crédits photos – © CamilleLepage / Hans Lucas


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A Chadian child soldier with the FOMAC troop.

The FOMAC armed forces are composed of 2000 soldiers from Cameroun, Chad, Soudan, Gabon, and Congo-Brazzaville and are in charge of security within the country and demilitarization. There are a lot of tensions between the forces, especially coming from the Chadian side who tend to favoritize their citizens during the disarment process, and not take their weapons. Almost everyday, clashes happen between the forces, discrediting them in front of the civilians.

Crédits photos – © CamilleLepage

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December 3rd 2013, a militia attack took place near the town called Boali the day before, 12 people are said to have been killed among them 10 women and 14 children wounded. 

After receiving treatment in a local clinic on the road, they were taken to Bangui. Before sending them to the hospital, the spokesperson of the government, Mr Kodégué, made them them wait for two hours for the media, the president and vice-president to arrive.

Crédits photos – © CamilleLepage / Hans Lucas

Capture d’écran 2014-05-14 à 11.46.20 AM

At the funerals of Tanguy Residou, soldier of the former president Bozizé’s national Army, the FACA, a female soldier fell out of emotions. 
Tanguy Residou was murdered by soldiers of the former Seleka.

Crédits photos – © CamilleLepage / Polaris

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October 25th 2013, in a Muslim district called ‘5 kilo’ in Bangui, a young man buys some bread in a local bakery to sell on the streets. Since the Seleka have taken power in the Central African Republic, people struggle to survive as there is no more jobs in the city because of weak business environment. The youth have no other choice but to find informal jobs to sustain themselves.

Crédits photos – © CamilleLepage

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November 18th 2013, 40 000 IDPs have fled their village in the region of Bossangoa and taken refuge in the Bichopstery, with very little humanitarian help to meet the needs of the population.

Crédits photos – © CamilleLepage

Capture d’écran 2014-05-14 à 11.51.00 AM

November 11th 2013, the new troops of the French Army arrive at the airport.

Crédits photos – © CamilleLepage / Hans Lucas


Les photos ci-dessus sont tirées du site internet de Camille Lepage, et s’inscrivent dans une série appellée “On est ensemble” – Central African Republic que vous pouvez retrouver ici.


Photo de couverture : Massacre in Bangui. Crédits photos – © Camille Lepage / Polaris





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