Nouvelle édition hebdomadaire de notre rubrique “Five tracks with …”. Chaque vendredi, nous invitons un artiste qui se produit en France le week-end qui suit à livrer cinq tracks d’introduction à la soirée.

Tout commence pour Olf van Elden par un stage à Amsterdam, au disquaire tenu par la maison de disques Rush Hour. À partir de là, tout s’accélère : il rejoint la maison, y sort son premier EP en 2013, devient résident du Trow. Son diplôme en poche, celui qui se fait dorénavant appeler Interstellar Funk est embauché par le disquaire, et met la main à la pâte dans la gestion du label.

Entre temps, il prend les commandes d’un sub-label de Rush Hour destiné à faire connaître les jeunes talents d’Amsterdam. À travers ce label Tape Records, il sort un nouveau disque en 2015, et y signe une petite dizaine d’artistes. Il intègre aussi cette année le team Dekmanktel, sur lequel label il sort un EP il y a quelques mois.

Bref, Interstellar Funk est un pur produit de la House music d’Amsterdam. À l’étranger, il joue (quasi) uniquement lors de soirées Rush Hour, en soutien du boss Antal. Ce dimanche, on ne retrouve pas deux émissaires RH mais dix, sur la barge de la Concrète. En préambule, Olf nous livre sa sélection.

Track: Arthur Russel – Another Thought

First heard Arthur Russel when Theo Parrish played here in Amsterdam and played All Over My Face by Loose Joints (Arthur Russel). Since then it became on of the most played disco tunes here in the city. Nowadays I buy everything by him without even listening to it. ‘Another Thought’ got reissued last year and is full of experimental cuts including the track “ My Tiger, My Timing” where the electronic drums blends perfectly together with his beautiful voice

TrackBrigitte Fontaine – Comme À La Radio

Discovered this when Antal played it at the Rush Hour office back when I was an intern 4 years ago. Didn’t knew what it was and also wasn’t familiar with the artist at the time. I kept on playing it at the office over and over and finally brought it two weeks later. Surely one of my most played albums in my collection. Recorded in 1969 but recently reissued on Superior Viaduct.


TrackChris Carter – Solidit

One of the first wave albums I bought and a perfect example why I’m so attracted to this kind of music: emotional, raw drums and beautifully strong synths. The album “The Space Between” is the perfect soundtrack for travelling and road trips.


Track: Dieter Moebius & Gerd Beerbohm – Doppelschnitt

Doppelschnitt is a 21 minute long take recorded in 1984 and still sounding so fresh that it could be a brand new track that was produced last week.. Electronic music from the highest possible level. Unfortunately recently past away, but may his music life forever, RIP.


Track: Du Du A – Primitivni Ples

I probably bought this album 2 years ago and it was my first record from Yugoslavia. At the time I didn’t know I was ever going to visit the country to play shows there. In between the two shows I played there last summer, I had a little holiday and the country is simply gorgeous and it’s inhabited by some of the friendliest and most welcoming people you will ever meet. The tune “ Bugi Pored Reke Kongo” is a beautiful crossover between wave & disco and seems to be made for the dancefloor

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