We all know DVS1 for its perfect aptitude of releasing the nicest tracks of Minneapolis. Easy to say, but his techno is certainly one of the most developed ones. The best way to describe his work could be to hear his first release of 2009 on Ben Klock label Klockworks, or later on Derrick May famous one, TRANSMAT. These two releases on two of the most famous Techno label are enough to explain the rank of the American DJ.
Since his own label HUSH was founded for his own releases, he created this year a sub-label called Mistress Recordings to promote others artists’ work.
The first one of them is Borrowed Identity, a German producer aged 22. His music is written is the direct line of Devious One work, with a personal and pleasant imprint. The DJ switches between House and Techno, and with uncommon talent manages to be impressive in the both worlds. His last release, « Baise-Moi Dit-Elle« , had had a huge feedback from the music world, and shows a nice aspect of the 1990’s House world of Borrowed Identity.
Mistress 01 was consequently awaited for the both reasons; first to see if the new label bet of DVS1 was a success, and second to listen the music of Borrowed Identity.

The release in October showed all the talent of the German in making Techno music. If that new project makes a little break with previous tracks, it will delight Techno connoisseurs.

The first track of Mistress 01 is a call. Let’s dance, let liberate our bodies and make them aligned on the bass line of « Leave your Life ». If Techno is often criticized for its repetition lines, this track may be the proof that repetitions are the keys of the music. With one perfect sample and a cut male vocal, the German dj manages to get us in another sphere. A sphere where the six-minutes track seems to never stop; and when it stopped, no one is left hungry.
And the techno show is so going on with « Painted Clouds XIII« . Faster, more intense, the track is self-sufficient: the direction is unique and does not diverge in useless paths. Once the basis of the track is down, Borrowed Identity plays with perfection with the music. « Step Out » is quite different: if « Painted Clouds » could be defined by its pure line, « Step Out » is the exact contrary. The fat kick may disturb at first, but it writes the song in line of the Detroit’s music Borrowed Identityis laying claim to. Add to that a double male-female vocal, and press play.


Mistress 01 is closed by a return to the basis of the EP. « Leave your Life » and « Ruhephase in DMoll« are similar in their serenity and calm-techno loops. “Rest in D minor” is a beautiful description of that six-minutes trip: tranquillity and quietness are the master word of Borrowed Identity work.
Borrowed Identity was maybe the best one to launch Mistress Recordings : as for DVS1 work, there is no followed line in the music of the German. However it would be difficult to speak about a non-structure of the music: everything lays in the path opened by the DJ, it is hard to admit that he is only 22. Each track is an invitation to listen to the others, every new song listened is a surprise and a new facet of the DJ.

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